Senin, 19 November 2007

Google Adsense Optimization

How to put adsense on your sites? After you apply to be an adsense publisher you will have to design your ads that will show in your page and sites. After you complete it, you will get a javascript codes that should placed at your site/blog. The ads will show advertising that suit with your site/blog categories once people open your web pages or refresh it. Sound simple right?

But now there is another problem: is it effective? is your ads making money for you? First, I want to ask you? Is your site/ blog has a visitor? If your blog/site has no visitor you won’t make money. You make money when somebody else click your ads, not you. Your visitor should click the ads because they interested with ads and want to seek more information about it, not because another reason. And even there’s possibility that your visitor doesn’t interested with the ads. So if you want to get money from your ads, get a lot visitor, and maybe some of them interested with the ads and click it.

How to attract a lot visitor? Well, basic way is, make a good content, update it regularly, often if possible, and make a lot links from another site/blogs. If your site/blog is interesting more people will come and back. You can also use advertising too (ie: google adword) but if your site is sucks, they won’t comeback. Do this task regularly and step by step your site rank in search engine result page will increase, this will attract more visitor.

How to make your visitor click the advertising? Make a good topic at your site/ blog. A good topic will use a good keyword and will make a good advertising that suit with your keyword occur. But remember, you are making agreement with your advertiser agent (ie: google). Do not break your agreement and Term Of Service. If you break your agreement and TOS, you will be banned and your opportunity will be gone. Some of topics that not allowed are: sex, gambling, and drugs. Another tips that you can do to make your visitor click the ads is advertising placement. There are hot spot for your ads, you can find it at google help.

Used your visitor tracking to know that you do a good thing. If after you do your job, there’s no increasing visitor maybe you doing something wrong. Make a note what you do everyday and get information that you do a good thing for your site/blog.

There is no short cut to success. The only way is simple hard work. Good luck.